design Basaglia + Rota Nodari

As low as €1,600.00

Birch plywood legs, three possibilities of color, Cross Outdoor is the football table that harmonizes with nature. An exquisite taste, the touch of natural wood and the pleasure of playing surrounded by natural elements; isn’t it a great way to create lasting memories? Cross outdoor is designed for long-term durability. Let us accompany you in the most beautiful moments.

Poles type

Body – Plywood th. 22 mm with laminated plast

Legs – 30 mm birch plywood varnished

Playing area - High resistance tempered glass 114,5 x 70 thick 0,5 cm

Poles – Straight through or telescopic - th. mm 2,0

Bearings – F65 type

Handles – Standard

Feet – Adjustable

Net weight – 53 Kg

Handle height - 85 cm

Accessories included - 5 white balls

Use – Outdoor

Carton size - 129 x 83 x 23 cm + 82 x 48,5 x 14 cm