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design Basaglia + Rota Nodari

As low as €1,030.00
The design of the Fido table football stands out for the purity and elegance of the lines. Simple and refined in every detail: the square section legs are in continuity with the sides of the playing surface. Fido is characterized by the full-color finish: red, white or black. Practical and reliable, it is perfect for public or private spaces such as homes and offices
Poles type

Body – Wood th. 22 mm

Legs – Metallic rectangular 80 x 80 mm with scratch-resistant paint

Playing area - High resistance tempered glass 114,5 x 70 thick 0,5 cm

Poles – Straight through or telescopic - th. mm 2,0

Bearings – F65 type

Handles – Standard

Feet – Fixed

Net weight – 51 Kg

Handle height - 85 cm

Accessories included - 5 white balls

Use – Indoor

Carton size - 144,5 x 85,5 x 22 cm + 81 x 48 x 13 cm